About me

Dear Readers

Sodaba Writes the Tale of , is my way of creating awareness , acceptance and a change. As a Law graduate I learned the importance of having a right to do certain things but I also learned the restriction and obligations as the shadow of every personal right. As I grew up as a refugee from Afghanistan in a country called the Netherlands I questioned my self a lot about a lot of things. off course I can’t define myself as only an ex refugee but I do believe that for a long time that was the only identity I was sure of, and the only identity people saw when they met me.  In the 36 years of my life the world came to know me and I came to know the world but above all I came to know myself.

I choose to study law for certain reasons. I wanted to undo the pain and damage that people suffered daily because of the greed, hatred, inhumanity and lack of awareness in the world. I worked with youngsters during my time of study and I learned that impacting a change can also begin small. We all have the power to create a change for the better in someone’s life, heart and mind. As I became older I understood the meaning of growth, self-awareness , personal development. We all are so busy making a good living that we sometimes forget that we have to grow in all aspects of our lives. Working at an high school gave me the perspective that youngsters are a product of upbringing, motivation direction and awareness. If we want a better world in which we respect each others differences, understand each others grieve, accept change and nurture each others healing, we need to create awareness for what is unknown, different and painful. Youngsters are our tomorrow and how they are given a vision will determine in what kind of world we will live in. Acceptance breaks barriers from which we can build and rebuild ourselves and each other for a more humane and hopeful tomorrow.

I hope my articles motivate you to be more inspired by humanity and to speak up against injustice. Equality is the vision but we have a long road to go if we want to arrive that destination. So lets become the change we want to see in the world because that is where the change should start!

Sodaba Abibzay