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100 Gram of Life ..

If simple was the term to live a life by then reading it was the hardest thing this illiterate creature has ever done. To be bothered by things is the absolute guarantee one has in life. We establish the feeling of conquering the beautiful and the horror sides of life. If keeping sanity means you sometimes need to be insane then that is for  sure everyone’s main motto

Our bothering borders frustrate our abilities in such levels that it extends the feeling of being able. If borders are the main guarantee life has giving us then why are so many of us bothered by this fact? We being bothered by borders shape our existence. Our dreams, our visions, our personalities and our level of sellf-worth, will be narrated to us by importance we give these borders. While we are hardwired to fight against a border what so ever and we believe that freedom is our goal, we still give a lot of credit to these borders. We will not only get bothered by its existence but we also give it the space to creep in to our minds and hearts and build a nest of feelings which combined will form our future and our personality.

If life was a delicious dish the taste of it wont be excellent unless we combine the right ingredients . If a 100 gram of life was left then one will think proper in spending it. If one could chose the ingredients of life it wont be sugar only. Too sweet is unhealthy, science has proven us that to much of anything is not good for humans. So what would you add to your dish called “ Life”? Will it be a bit sour? Will it have a bit of spice? Will you combine salt and pepper? Or will you play it on the save side? Healthy food we get in hospitals are mostly food for the almost dying souls trying to save a certain part. But is that called living? Are we alive when we eat the dish called life is less of salt, pepper , sweet and sourness? Are we so bothered by the border that is called safety that we love to live the 100 gram of life left on the side where even taste will not accept it? If life is only a 100 gram then I want to add taste to it. I can be bothered by the borders of not spending cause its just 100 gram but is that called living?

If life is a dish you could cook then choose proper , add variety, be creative, understand that shortcomings of your cooking skills will play a part, be aware of the fact that a bit of happiness, a bit of pain, a bit of awkwardness, a bit of disappointments and a bit of failure will add to the taste. Accept the challenge of preparing your dish with less , keep the promise to excel your practice and understand the worth of underlying the importance of growing in your cooking sense and skills. Because being bothered by your shortcomings in the kitchen wont deduct the fact that you will taste those shortcomings in the outcome, your dish called “ Life”

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