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Sunday Believer…..

The Sunday’s make you feel like it is the beginning of a new period and the end of what passed. We have our weeks scheduled in to seven days. Those seven days have their own impact on how we feel, how we act and how we respond on certain facts. The Sunday effect is the effect I love the most about the whole seven days passing process. What does that say about me? Within the past the Sunday was the day of rest, the day of believes, the day of family, the day of ending something and reaching for a new beginning. Does that mean that my laziness drives me to an incompetent level on which I can’t face the mirror and I jump in to a new beginning without an actual end? Or does that mean that my effort of never facing defeat rises up in hope which blinds me to mourn about the day that passed and gives me strength to face a new day? Sunday, it inspires a smile on your face, the warmth of the sun which makes you feel at ease, the brightness of its light which guides your senses towards a smile, the status it has for hope and believe. Too much of it will burn your skin. My Sunday route is not always the same but eventually I reach a place I wished to be. If Sunday stands for a new beginning, for persistence of your believes, for decisiveness , for bravery of facing failure, for power to achieve better, for resting with the things beyond your power, for the start line of a new race, for the chance to win Gold. Then I am a Sunday – Believer! I run the race every week, no matter what the price will be, my eyes are set on that Golden plate, I won’t settle for less than Gold. I may fail at my weekly race but at the end of the finishing line the defeat is not what knocks me down, the hope of Monday will keep me up. The race for Gold gets started again!

By Sodaba Abibzay

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