A Dope – Ride…


If you love speed you would love the ride inside my head. If you love rollercoasters you would love the way my emotions swing and if you love rainbows you would love my ability of producing tears and light at the same time. Me? I am always in for a good ride but my brain is in desperate need of a DOPE –RIDE.


As I am trying to put words on paper my mind sets of a new way. It doesn’t take the time to guide me trough al the place’s we are heading but it just rushes from one street to the other. In a full speed that could be deadly in real life.  I wrote these last words “ deadly in real life” and suddenly it became clear to me that the ride inside my head is deadly and that it happens to me on daily basis (real life) Some times you just ignore the fact that your brain is addicted to the Dope-ride. Then suddenly you meet the engine that starts this deadly desire of racing for gold and you get your hopes up.  The engine you ride on is nothing else than unconditional love. The love that sees beyond your sacred body and soul, the love that inspires our ability to be happy, the love that will be your airbag even if the DOPE-RIDE will result into a crushed desire.

In a car you can put on a seatbelt for the security of your life but in life you need a strong hand, a strong believe, a strong support and above all a strong mind to survive the crash of it.  The only thing certain in life is our; death, the rest is more like an unwritten book. You can leave the pages blank or you can fill it in with love, passion and happiness and before you know your DOPE-Ride will turn into a HOPE-Ride.

Sodaba Abibzay

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