Turn on the Light…


How often did you give up in life? When was the time that you decided that it’s not worth the fight anymore? We live in an era where giving up on everything is a new fashion. If it doesn’t suit your personality, your week, your schedule, your path then stop and turn away.People are complaining about the depression statistics that are rising, the marriages 6874877108_352f2719e5_zthat end in their first year, the midlife crisis we are facing, the emptiness of relations and personalities, the horror of fear and above all the pressure of society to be and become someone. What people forget is that they are the crowd, the society, person who demands all of it but is willing to give just a bit for it. 


If we look back at our older generations then most of us have seen grandpa and grandma become old together. We heard stories of poverty, pressure, social control and hard parenting but still they achieved to stay together. How? Back then falling in love and commitment where not a song of Justin Bieber but a Poem of Shakespeare. If chosen a heart to commit to one did not search for valuable other options. When loving one, flirting with the other and eventually marrying the other is a trend most youngsters follow our grandpa and grandma CHOSE to be together and WORKED to make it last forever. Now days we choose but when a better option comes along we reset our choice. Now days we work, we work hard but for things that give value to our wallet. We work hard for our boss, we work hours for a better body, we keep on working on several skills, we work hard and harder on social relations but when coming home to the place where the heart should be we feel like resting. “ I have a feeling this relationship is holding me back from my success.” “ We are to different, it won’t work.” “I do love you but I can’t cope with your weaknesses.” Phrases we use when we decide we want to quit working on our commitments.

Call me a romantic mind, an oldskool soul that believes in romance, love and commitment until death do us part, but history has proven that when the basic of your relation is US instead of ME, MYSELF AND I, it will last for your grand childeren to enjoy. World’s history is also a part of our history. We have set foot on the moon and have developed our worlds in to fast forward moving worlds where we sleep less and work more. We have educated our self to PHD-levels, we have grown in our ability to spend and buy but still we move backwards in our relations, we know less about emotions and we refuse to spend our TIME, EMOTIONS AND HOPE on relations. We fight as soldiers against every evil that stands in between our goals and us but when our relationships need replacement of an expired lamp we are to scared of the dark. When once the light goes out we refuse to put the light back on because we are to tired to deal with what we are going to see then. We don’t have time for nonsense! We are busy making a good living for the future, but we are blind for the truth of life that; “ problems, dilemma, poverty, hard work, less time, more crisis will always be a part of life. Waiting for everything to be settled is like forbidden the night to ever make an appearance. When knowing that having problems is a part of life then why are we willing to rip out the strength of a caring heart?

When I hold your hand, I hold your heart, when I hold your heart I hold your wishes, desires, hopes, fears and weaknesses and I hold on to the mind that should know that by letting go of all these things I will lose your hand and your faith in me and my love for you

By Sodaba Abibzay

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