I Wish you Life..

When wishing someone in the west what do we wish? A happy life, a healthy life, a successful life, a lovable life a better life, all these wishes contain the word life but linked up to an extra positive reflection. While we dream for our self and for our children of a life which secures their 100 years of life, financially, emotionally and health wise, others across the world wish loved ones only one thing: “LIFE”. Their luxury in life is living tomorrow and hoping to survive. Their joy is to play soccer without being bombed. Their wish is to give birth without being scared of the funeral. Their believe is to break the fasting in peace. Their hope is to hear the noise of a loud and crowded city not the horror of murder. Their wish is to laugh without fear, to breath without concern and to stay in life without the constant shadow of death.

I wish your eyes could see more than pain and death..
I wish your eyes could see more than pain and death..


Losing life to death is the fear of Palestinians but losing a voice to comfort, a sight for light and a soul for joy, is my biggest fear. We vote to get the right system and regulations. We preach of education and awareness. We stand for Human Rights and equality but we keep our mouth shut when it comes to “a Palestinian Life”. We united hands in security of our world after the world war. We all stood for humanity. We stood against inhuman cruelty. We were one. We were the world, promising each other that never ever such way of slaughter and genocide is going to be allowed. We joined pact where everyone was welcome to join. Our world was in our own hands and our hands were bound by the promise of protection in the name of the United Nations. We were so full of shit!!

When today I look around I feel ashamed of the fact that we people give importance to pain by means of nationality and religion. One life lost in America we give memorials, national and international attention. All world leaders convey their support and we join hands as one big family to fight against the evil. Hundred lives lost, children slaughtered, women murdered, dreams killed, respect lost and rights denied. Where is our family now? Why don’t we join hands against this evil? Why can’t we even question what is going on? The family that stood tall in all other inhuman situations acts blind in this one.

Silence of our countries does not create a neutral position but it makes them accessory in the crimes of Israel. Silence is an act of cowards and I as a Dutch citizen refuse to accept this kind of coward leadership. MARK RUTTE , SHAME ON YOU!


By Sodaba Abibzay

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