Reset Regret…

Like all humans I also faced the risky face of regret. Regret is a word short but it goes beyond every chain of feelings you have ever experienced. Regret is like the sun. It sets down, it disappears but it is always there. We often wear glasses in order to avoid the bright burning of its existence.

 Life teaches us to walk away from situations, it teaches us to avoid certain feelings, it teaches us to understand but never underline a certain importance. Life teaches us to reset the regrets we ever felt. It is like a video game. Starting the game you aim for the winning position but once you get the feeling during the game that loss is going to be your prize, you just push the button RESET and it all starts new and fresh. The risks hidden in this strategy are, the chance that you will lose the lesson of taking risks, accepting responsibility and developing personality.

 Facing regrets is a sign of a life that has been lived, but resetting every bit of it is a sign of fear. People say and do things they often regret but by acting like it didn’t happen they give those words and actions more meaning than before. Accepting a fault is an act of bravery, speaking about it is an act of wisdom and healing the wounds it created is an act of developing. So often when you do things you regret don’t act like it didn’t happen, Face the facts, try to recover the outcome and accept the responsibility of its outcome. Walking away, hiding and acting blind is enemy to the conscious of a human.

We all are hurt once but what hurts the most is the disrespectful way of denying the hurt and the pain. In life we give laughter and pain. We join and part ways but what remains is the memories you gave. The good times will create a smile and the bad times will do so aswell if we learn to accept, recover and move one. Resetting a regret is joyful for a while but regretting this reset is a lifetime pain.

Sodaba Abibzay

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