The Golden Grace..

The Grace of a Woman

The Grace of a Women is in how she treats an other Women..
The Grace of a Women is in how she treats an other Women..
 This is a little poem for all the wonderful women That I know, Who live life with their heads up high wearing their grace as a crown. I am glad that I know all of you. You all inspire me in a certain way to become the better me and the better women that I want to be. I feel that women are an aspiration for each other. They need to inspire each other for growth and thanks to you all I grow every day a little more. 

Grace is where she reaches out..
Grace is hers without a doubt..
Grace is how she handles you..
No matter why and what you do..

Grace is how she smiles a tear..
Grace is how she objects to fear..
Grace is how she inspires a dream..
while fighting the nightmare to disappear..

While hope and love is hers to hold…
She can be snow and very cold..
Grace is when she holds your hand..
in times you fall or when you stand..

Grace is when she forgives the pain..
while tears may fall as if it rains..
Grace is when she dares to aim..
Cause her protection is her golden frame

When the world burns down her name to shame…
We stand up high and fight the blame…

If you know a woman who wears the crown of grace with grace then send this to her or tag her in this message.
By Sodaba Abibzay

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