A letter to myself,

Dear me,......
Dear me,……

Sometimes you look in the mirror and are not happy with what you see. It’s not the looks that concern you but what lies within you, that the eyes reflect. Wishing is a poor way of making yourself believe that you are preparing to make the decision towards change but never will wishful thinking bring you the change that is good enough to please your expectations. Day in and day out you see the same eyes staring back at you with questions, despair and sometimes even frustration. You think of all the things you dreamed of achieving while you where young but when years passed by all those dreams fell in to a deep black hole where only the echo of disappointment returned whenever you reached out. I am strange in my way of thinking and even weirder in my way of doing but the one thing I did hold on to was the thought that happiness is doing what you love.

To do the things you love you first need to know yourself. What makes you happy? What drives you? What is your ambition and why would you wake up every day and refuse to sleep even after you have worked hours and hours already? Self-reflection , the first lesson you need to learn in life in order to achieve happiness. Who are you? Where do you stand for? What makes you happy? How can you achieve it and what do you need for it? If self-reflection was easy then everyone would be incredibly happy in life. Too bad that’s not the case. Depression strikes every one out of five people around the world. Every 30 seconds someone around the world commits suicide because of depression. Our lack of self –worth and self-love decreased to the point that we need social media like IG and FB to promote ourselves. Don’t get me wrong when I say that social media is a powerful tool to use but it is not the self-reflection guru you sometimes need in life.

People change. We often hear the phrase you have changed but did we change on purpose? Did we choose to change? Or did time and circumstances change us? I am not saying that change within circumstances is a bad thing but I do underline the fact that everything in life you did not chose for you can’t understand and so on can’t control. I am a person I believe in love, in giving and in smiling with tears in my eyes but thanks to certain people in my life I learned a lesson in life that will change my way of perception to a level where the love, smiles and giving will be more genuine than before.

I always had a weird connection with India. Not only did I love the Hindi movies or the food but also the incredible way of bonding this country has. All religion live in so much love and harmony amongst each other. People pray out of love not out of obligation, their love for higher spirits is in their history, their food, their songs, their movies. It’s the Sanskrit in which you will find peace and self-reflection set as a priority. Meditation, finding inner peace, understanding the “self”, all this is a must within the spirit of India. It’s the year 2015 in which someone close to my heart showed me the worth of “self” to value “us”. My resolution for 2015 is to get in to a conversation with “me”. Understand “me”. Accept “me”, so that I can try “us”. The difference with the “us” before is that this time I actually chose for it and as I said before everything we choose for we do with the upper most care, love, dedication and commitment.

To all of you wanting to make a change, write yourself a letter this year in which you will mention every little or big change you want to make, the things you want to achieve and the goals you want to set out. Give your letter in a closed envelope to someone near to you and ask them to post it to you or give it to you at the end of 2015. Make it in handwriting cause receiving a letter in handwriting makes much more impact than one by mail. I am going to write my letter for this year and I hope to hear that you guys do as-well.


By Sodaba Abibzay

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