We all have goals in life, some of us more than others. We study hard for it and we all cross boundaries in achieving this great good of purpose. Some of us are happy with the mainstream achievement, like a home, car and loveable family. Others are in search for something bigger. They are not satisfied with this mainstream goal and are determined to achieve something that wont change only their own world but also that of others.

These people lose certain mainstream happiness and may be marked as idiots, idealized ghosts, unrealistic dreamers and fools in denial. But is it not that in the history books these ghosts are marked alive for the generations to read about them? Is it not that these dreamers made it possible to not only dream but let others enjoy their dreams as well? Is it not that these people, their way of thinking and their ideology is hard to deny after they reached it?

I know that being mainstream is not an easy thing to do. Some will criticize me by saying not every person has the aspiration to be a fool or an unrealistic idiot but what if I aspired to be one? Would the mainstream understand me just like they demand of me to understand them? I look around and see how we change lifes, how we change hope, how we change identity in the process of life. We win, we lose, we fight and sometimes give up. Being mainstream is save, it risks less, it gives you the support of all those who are like you. Being in majority they will plead for having the right way of living cause that is how the world functions. Majority is the right side. But what if I choose to be wrong? Am I really wrong if I desire of something different? What should I risk at cost of what? If you have a dream and you aspire yourself to follow its path then what if in the journey towards that path you lose the common success of family life and household?

Choices we make will make us, thats something I always heard and never understood. But now I do. We chose to be what we want to be. Its harder to chose an uncommon way of life cause you wont have a guidance like all those around you have. I understood that if you have a vision you should work towards it even if your vision isn’t clear for those around you. A person really dear to my heart proved to me that if you chose to become something, you can become it. He came to the Netherlands at an age of 17, he had no background whatsoever in the Dutch language or habits. He aspired to go to the university. His vision was laughed at. He completed his high school, and still most were thinking that his ability would stop there and that he used the max of his abilities. He saw a dream no one could see with him. His vision paved the way for him. He went to the university, finished his bachelor and masters within the short period of time he was in the Netherlands. I still remember that sometimes when he needed to write an official letter he would ask me for help and now when I read his letters I see the growth he saw within himself when no one else could see it. Does this person have a special kind of power? Is he made of a different material? No, he is just like you and me. What might differentiate him from most of us is his, believe, vision, aspiration and commitment.

So if you have a vision, even if it is blurry believe in it, believe in yourself. Set out your path towards it. Don’t let anyone tell you that you cant. It never is to late to start with what makes you happy and fulfilled. It never is to crazy what you would want to do. Cause if you have the aspiration the way towards it will appear even if no one else sees this path.

There is a scene in the movie the pursuit of happiness, where Will Smith tells his son in the movie that he wont be able to do something. After he speaks these words he realizes that even he had a vision where no one else believed in and he still had the hope and aspiration so he pauze’s and tells his son: “ In life if you want something you go and get it, period. Don’t let anyone tell you that you cant, cause people cant themselves and then they will tell you, you cant.” So never let your dreams be bound by the narrowed vision of others.


By Sodaba Abibzay

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