The question of an exclamation point

Have you ever considered the world to be a magical place where love, joy and happiness turn friends? Have you ever found the destination of a search, the dream of a reality and the question of curiosity? Have you ever taken the time to stand still by the infinite possibilities of this life? We look up to ask for a better life but when looking up do we understand that standing down is required? Do we need to remind our self that every positive uplift needs a ground to stand on. That ground may burn your feet because it is layered with your pain and sorrow but without that ground there is no uplifting possible.

Happiness quote

We love the joy but without its pain. We love the music without understanding its beats, we hate a broken heart but fail to understand its love, we are looking for a path without admitting that we are lost. We point fingers of disgrace to what is un-know to us. We scream upon when feeling angry, we cry a tear when feeling low. We smile a joy when feeling happy but fail to accept that this is life. We want it all and still we want it not to hurt. We all want to be winners without putting up with a struggle, we all want to fly without ever landing down, we all want to sprint without getting tired, we all want to laugh without ever having to cry. We think we are alive when we feel happy, but happiness is found when you can smile with a tear, laugh with sorrow, enjoy with lots of grief and go on when stuck being down. Happiness is found when we accept that we can’t control life. Nor can we let it control us. So learn to see the steps not the destination. Have eye for the process not the outcome, enjoy the struggle not only its achievement. Try to be happy unconditionally. When you reach that state of mind you will see the sharpness of the fog, the warmth of the ice, the mindset of the sun and the reason of the seasons.

Watch for more inspiration on happiness this Ted Talk by Matthieu Richard

By Sodaba Abibzay

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