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What is your score on life?

question-markEvery relationship has a beginning and an end. Sometimes it is death sometimes faith. We don’t understand the game the universe plays and why it creates meetings, but it also organizes desperate separations. I learned that I was confused with these terms of life. What is the point of loving and caring if you have no guarantee of its lifeline? I hear people complain about their dates going wrong, their friendships being unfaithful or their relatives being beaten up by life and supported by death. But even the biggest complaints still manage to create a bond again and get attached. What is it that people keep on seeking pain? Being blind and still crossing this dangerous road of betrayal with the good hope of finding the way is stated as nonsense. But why does this make sense to so many people? Questions I participate in but can’t answer.

Even if you don’t know the exact answer of a question you get points for describing what you mean. This makes me think of my math tests. My teacher always said: ” Sodaba, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the right answer but if I see that you understand the process then I will also grant you points.” Every step had a few set of points. Does that also count in life? I don’t know the answer to the question how to be happy but i know what i can do to get near to happiness. The process makes me hold on to hope and love unknown and uncertain of the fact that i will ever get to the answer of life. If life was my teacher and it had given me this lifeline as a test then my anwser sheet would only contain a process of search. The anwser of life is still unanswered but the process made me realize life, its importance and the meaning of the journey.

Every step towards the end will make you uncertain because you don’t know the exact answer, but if you believe in your system and your way of thinking then even the creator will grant you points for answers he has not written for you.


Sodaba Abibzay


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