Sharper than a Knife..


Feelings sharper than a knife..
Will cut away the pursuit of being alive..
They will kill the longing for tomorrow …
and let you bleed death into your sorrow.

No matter how hard you deny..
You and me both know that your strength is just a lie…
Every new day you start over..
Every night you wont make it sober..

What is the point of trying to cope..
When your heart and mind cant see any hope..
You should move on is the mantra you will hear..
But with that your agony and heartache wont disappear…

Drowning in pain is what is left to do..
When tears break the boundaries of your eyes they ask you “ for who?”
With every tear you will feel the loss..
His words and face will come across..

Closing your eyes may capture the tears..
But that isn’t the way to fight your fears..
Eyes closed trying to ignore…
Your incomplete love that left me soar…

If walking away was the solution..
I would have started that revolution…
Was it my strength that made you walk away?
Or was I not worth it for you to fight and stay?

Were my bags to heavy for you to carry?
Or was it my fault to expect our love to be legendary?

By S.A.

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