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Rewind E-volution

Before reading my blog I would like you to answer the following questions for yourself: 

  • How often do you evaluate not your success, financial or motivational growth but your emotional growth?
  • If you could choose between making a lot of money or helping someone with something humanitarian what would you choose? 
  • If you are married or in a relationship how often do you choose to speak out your addoration instead of your irritation? 
  • How do you define happiness in 70 years? 
  • What matters the most in live? 

Emotional growth

I was reading an essay today on the evolution of men kind. The essay was supposed to make me feel proud of how far the human mind and soul has come. Unfortunately it did the quite opposite. It was not the essay that made me wonder about us evolving but the reality.

We as humans have evolved in wisdom and power but we have not evolved in the emotional area. My work is to mostly analyse and evaluate progress in the growth of children but by doing so I have stumbled upon the fact that evolving emotionally is not motivated and pursued by parents, teachers, coaches, friends or spouses.

What does that mean to you and your growth? A good question with an answer that can’t be digested by most. Searching success and money is the aim of this era. Searching love that is fun for a year is the motto of this era. Having fun and benefit all the time is the motivation of this era.

Where does that leave us? This era leaves us being rich and lonely. Old and not satisfied. It takes away our dignity and our integrity. It leaves us with guilt, – not the money kind but the conscious kind. It leaves us bitter and yearning. Yearning to real friends, true love and honesty. We seem to have forgotten all about the fact that happiness is not found when there is no REAL relation to share it with.

I have seen people being egoists, living life and relationships as if it was stock on the stock-market. You buy some when you can benefit and you sell when the stock is not that beneficial anymore. People trade loyalty with thrill. If you have a good time doing, saying or thinking it then all is fair.

What i like to know is when after 70 years you look back at your life what would matter the most? the amount of hook ups, the quantity of ”friends”, the cashflow of your success or the positive signature that you leave on someones heart? I know we live in a world where we should all root for ourselves first but when in that process you undermine the pillars of life, like LOYALTY, HONESTY, LOVE, FRIENDSHIP AND DIGNITY then you wont be able to build a steady future.

By  Sodaba Abibzay

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