The devil tears..

Whenever a tear drop spills its existence it feels like the heaven has lost its innocence.
Whenever i think about you it’s like i have destroyed an important piece of my existence.
I thought of you as a poem in its perfection . Not knowing that even real life dictated fiction.

It’s sad how you promised love and affection, without knowing, you became my first addiction. The game of love was no longer my perfection, It became a  war of self harm and obsession. I navigated towards the healing direction but life was playing cruel with my perception.

You chose to run a dirty and unclean election. I tried to fit in but didn’t check in with any inscription. It feels like faith is playing with me within the inception, leading me towards immense pain and depression.

The weakness i feel is your creation, you made it grow in your ‘’ break the trust’’ Session. Again i was fooled by my own decision, to give a chance and make a mens with  an farcade of progression.

Once and for all i have learned the biggest lesson, not all is fair and honest when the devil has made a decision!

By S.A

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