Awareness, Gender equality

Excluded rights : ” women rights”

When I was born the doctor said “ it’s a girl”. That statement changed my being and my way of living. When we hear leaders speak about freedom we mostly hear that every “men” is born free. To bad they did not include the being of a women into this believe.

What was given to men by birth, women had to fight for during their existence. How come that when creating us the power of giving birth was given to this unable, weak and not worthy kind of being called “ women”? How come that the power to love endlessly, to care needlessly and to protect fearlessly is given to this creature that is called inferior and weak? How come that the one that holds the power to give life is the one that is bound to be the weakest link of society?? 

Women are the only oppressed group in our society that lives in intimate association with their oppressors. They are paid less for the magic they create in their careers, they are taken less serious in their ability to heal the world, they are worshipped less for the courage they show when men create the chaos of war and pain. Reading this will make you question my position in life. It will make you think that I am a bitter, cold-hearted and weak woman who screams for equality. You will think that by saying she is just a crazy feminist you will clean up the words I have written. But the truth is that when you were given birth by a woman you owed your life to her. By denying her the rights, which were hers by birth, you are denying your own existence. Being a feminist is nothing more than being a human that believes in the human rights of every women and men.

The next time you call a women weak, question your self what that makes you cause you’re the creation of that weakness!

By Sodaba Abibzay

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