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Parenting Exams…

How often in life do you get the feeling that you are stuck? Stuck in a bad memory, an unhealthy relationship, a difficult decision process. Stuck in a dark space with no lights to turn on and no support to hold on. We all are living life for quite some years and never has it been ONLY easy. Never did the sun just shine forever. Never did the laughter endured forever, never has someone lived forever. The constant of living life without a hurdle or a step back might seem reality in a fantasy movie but never in real life.

When I look arround I see so many people struggling. Some aware of their struggle and some not. Our core as human is to adapt and change but why is it that when we are stuck we don’t own this inner build quality? Why is it that when change goes gradually we don’t have any problems with  it but when we have to choose to change we often get scared. Today I had a conversation with someone really special to me. I was reading about the psychology of children and how parenting is actually building up a mirror in your own eyes for your children to see a reflection of themselves. Parenting is not a course you can follow, you don’t do exams and see if you fail or pass. unfortunately we humans find it important to study for a job so that we do well for companies or begin our own, but we are not educated about putting on earth another soul. The biggest and the most beautiful of all is to give life, but why is their no requirements asked? As a result of just doing some seek information on their own by reading about it, asking others about their experiences and looking back on their own childhood, but what if you don’t have the resources or the understanding of it? What happens with children who are put on earth by parents not aware of the responsibility of parenting?

We humans are made to reproduce and our instinct is to protect our young ones no matter what but sometimes parents are still victims of their own trauma’s. Is it responsible to think that we humans are all fit to be mothers and fathers when we feel like it? Well you will be asking me now, what do you suggest? My suggestion will be , just like you have to study to earn a status or position in society, you should also have to take mandatory lessons in parenting. It should be mandatory for newly parents to follow a course about the mental en physical health of the baby. Parents should do exams and whenever they fail they need to be guided through this process. Most of you might say well we like our freedom and everything that is mandatory is not ok. Then i want to ask you, why are you willing to walk the extra mile for a status, money , a promotion or even someone’s approval but are you not willing to walk a bit extra for your own next generation? We measure the success and the physics of our children by their grades or their prices at sport events but often we lack to measure their mental development by taking time to understand and guide our children.

I once heard that you can’t give what you don’t have in yourself. If you don’t have the ability to see you cant explain the view, if you don’t have the ability to understand you can never explain, if you don’t have the ability to improve you will never make someone else grow. Children are a reflection of us and it is very important for us to realize that when we are willing to be parents one day. Even if you are a parent already you should never stop improving your own mental health and mindset. Because your money, your position as a CEO or your beautiful face or body wont raise your child. It’s your ability to love and care unconditionally that will help them love life and love their self. Your patience when impossible and your guidance when lost is what will make them understand relations, creating and nurturing. Being a parent is a gift we all can receive but we all should earn.

For all the parents wanting to learn more about how to deal with your children, their needs and the question marks when you don’t know what to do ,read the blog on this site.

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