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A direction towards a balanced life..


As life teaches us to juggle with words like risk, fear, loss, gain, hope and commitment we start walking the rope. Every step is a step on or a misstep of the rope. The only difference between these two steps is your balance. While balancing through life you may think which values, principles, emotions and expressions you should take a long.  A funambulist walks on the thin rope of life without any problems. What makes that person walk the thin rope without falling?

While sitting behind my laptop, thinking of my life and evaluating the past few years of it, I came to the conclusion that most periods of my life were the thin rope a funambulist likes to play with. But unlike the funambulist I was not able to hold my balance every time. I was not able to balance every step and hold on to a certain aiming point. I tried to but not always did i succeed. When it becomes difficult to find balance in life what should one do?

I read in a book that evaluating each day on paper is a way to build a process of learning. While we live in an era of unlimited knowledge, we still don’t seek the path of those who found the solution for us. So to answer the question what to do? It is not odd to take help from those who can, to practice more, to lose fear and to have faith. So that is what I did. I kept the faith in a journey difficult to walk but not impossible to balance. I read, I evaluated, I learned, I fell and stood up, I understood that this process is what is the most valuable aspect of trying to be a funambulist in life. What does that mean? Does it mean we all just need to have faith, close our eyes and walk with our hearts? As lovely as that sounds to a romantic mind as mine I will have to disappoint some by saying NO!

Being a funambulist does not only need faith but also understanding, skill development, self reflection, confidence and balance. You wont be able to walk without these aspects. I tried walking on the path of only faith and I came across a border of self -reflection. I tried to cross the river of understanding but I came a cross a barrier called skill development. I tried to walk where I could fly and I came a cross wings called confidence. I climbed a mountain of fear and I came across the strength called balance.

Some say your vehicle in life is balance. I say balance is the destination. You can only reach this destination by taking a good look at yourself, reflecting your flaws, understanding what to change, believing that your worthy of change and having the faith that you can and will reach to the end of the rope by creating more balance each step of the way. We all are funambulists in making, because before we find balance we will find fear, disappointments, heart breaks, tears, losses, failures and lots of pain. Only by overcoming these words, learning from them and trying to become the best version of our self we will find the balance to walk on the thin rope of life.

By Sodaba Abibzay – Nefelibata

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