The God Syndrome



Have you ever heard of this word? I never did untill a friend of mine refered to it. I told her that I would write an article about what she calls the ‘’ God Syndrome’’.  The essence of the word was clear in my mind but I just needed a little bit of motivation or insight to get it on paper. It was like my  prayers were heard and I encountered an event that underlined this word in to perfection. It was like this word came to life and looked me in to my eyes and introduced itself. It was real. Not ink on paper but flesh and blood staring you in your eyes and depicting the image of this word. Every artist would take out their brushes if they see an image they want to capture, I grabbed my pen and started to write. Because right now it is in front of my eyes and I can see every little detail that it has shown me. I want to capture the feeling so that whenever I think of the word God Syndrome , I know exactly what to see and feel. After reading my article you might see a different image of this syndrome than that I do but the description will stay the same. 

What do we think about if we hear the word god? We think of purity and the creator of all good. But in this scenario the word god is not used in its most purest form. We all have met people in our lives with whom it connects directly. People you see as a good energy or an even brighter soul. The souls that touch our heart and mind by telling us who they are and what they went trough. They give us the feeling that they are here to give and above all to stay. Their presence makes your life a little better. They make you laugh, give you compliments and know what to do so that your affection towards them grow. They will create an image that needs worshipping. You link goodness to their name and a halo to their picture. The moment you think you found your creation that comes near perfection, they already know that they are worshipped. They know that their name is recited in your prayers and that their face is the light where you were searching for. It is in that moment that they turn the table and show a different version of the halo that you saw until then. Goodness and humbleness makes place for arrogance and bitterness. You will be left confused and keep wondering if this is someone else. When doing good and being good one can be worshipped and loved but this image demands that you keep the same respect and value of them that you had before the tables turned.

They have gotten so well in character and acted so outstanding that they started to believe their characterisation and demanded the same value and respect as that they were given when in role. This person loses all sense of reality and lives in a world where admiration of them and praising them is the obligation of all. They lose the energy to maintain their role so they don’t act according their script but they do demand the same appreciation for their existence. In every situation they are right and you are wrong. They know everything. You must feel lucky to get a glimpse of them and you should feel very blessed that they breathe near you. They really believe that they are good after every wrong that they have done. They feel sublime in every step that they take. Their reflection in the mirror is that of greatness. Your acceptance of their bad behavior is your pledge of admiration and you will be rewarded by their presence in your life. Whenever your admiration makes place for critique you will be the fallen angel and will be banned!

Unlike every other syndrome this one is not curable yet. There are no meds or effective therapy. This syndrome is strange to science but because the percentage of people suffering from this syndrome grows , science should  start doing research on how to detect this syndrome and how to cure. So whenever you encounter someone with this syndrome tell them : ‘’ Get Well Soon’’.  For those around me suffering this disease I hope that one day you guys recover!


Sodaba Abibzay – Nefelibata


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