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Generations change. People make mistakes and mistakes are forgiven. While we all evolve and we assume that every generation after us becomes smarter and fiercer I can only get to the conclusion that we might get book smart and technology smart but this generation is emotionally stupid! The social media has become their only identity and self-love has made room for I wont mind being your side chick! self-respect is washed down the toilet with vlogs and controversies and dignity is exchanged for vendi. I see couplegoals all over the internet but it lacks reality. I see hashtags that say #goals, but i don’t see people working towards a goal.

I am not that old but when i see and hear the stories of this generation I feel like I have landed in a whole new universe. Since when did honesty get out of fashion and was manipulation the new best thing? If i see couples in trouble I see a new follow and a new love story starts. We value words over actions and when actions are to vivid for our eyes we act blind by love. Why is it that little girls with daddy issues and little boys with mommy issues tend to find peace in submission and power? Why is it that little girls change boyfriends often than that they change their thong and that little boys start a harem of girls while they can’t even spell the word harem. To busy with ” the boy is mine”, less bothered with ”who am i”. If this is going to be the generation of WOMEN AND MEN that will follow-up my generation well I can assure you one thing, even in their 30’s they will be little girls getting grown ass issues and little boys facing real men problems.

When in your 20’s , besides your hormones you should also invest in your personal growth like your personality or your character or your future. So that when you guys get children they don’t turn out stupid. Getting laid, lying, cheating, partying, playing games, wearing brands and getting high is not the only things you should focus on. Growing instagram followers and likes is not as important as growing your intelligence and mindset. I hope that I am wrong and that the future is in good hands but if I look over my shoulder and see what is about to represent us I see Trumph-like leaders and Kim Kardashian-like role models. #growsomebrainsinsteadofass!

2 thoughts on “Generation-Pollution”

  1. Touche. You stole the words out of my mouth. I’m not sure how many of us think the same way, but if more do, then the world can change for the better. That being said, I am so grateful that we didn’t grow up with social media in our generation. Peer pressure was enough to deal with, let alone social media. It’s getting harder to be accepted in society and social media is like a platform for people in need, screaming at the top of their lungs that they need help. xx


    1. Thanks for your reply. I feel the same way. Its actually really sad to see this change in society but I really hope that if we feel this burden we may throw this mindset in to the trash and help ourselves and others become the best version of them selfs without the influences of society or social media. Thanks for the message and keep up the great mindset!


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