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Love – Inflation

I was sitting home listening to a song “All of me” by John Legend I wondered why it is that one girl gets it all and another gives it all. We learn in economy classes that inflation appears when there is a shortage of the demanding goods. So less means more worth? exactly less means more worth!

When we take a look at relationships and the value we give to certain people then we come to know that less affection + less attention= more demand of your existence. A lot of women don’t get the point of ,being less means more. I know we all are brought up by the fairy tale stories in which the good conquers the bad, the truth wins from the lie and the heart wins from the mind but while growing up we forgot that the reality is a different tale. Love, commitment, truth and faithful are words which define the tales we believed in while growing up but the reality checks in with songs as: “Got 99 problems but a BITCH aint one” or with phrases like “Fuck buddies”. This is the reality of feelings in this century. While some lost souls are hopeless in search of the love that needs to be epic and contain purity that one only seeks to find in believing others are in search of their weekly fling. The fast generation is quick in replacing their phones but even quicker in replacing their relationship-status. Facebook ,the new social event ,where people meet virtual and try to be social in an anti-social way is the best way to be the trendsetter. Relationship status “Its complicated”. Its complicated?? What is? Your either in a relationship or you’re not. Even not being in a status is a status. While repairing was the old-school motto, replacing is the new time-trend. While eternal was the destination of once commitment, internal is the new kinda start line. While caring was the shelter of ones heart, being a gypsy in feelings made it homeless.

A Women and the worth of its existence, is a subject where books, poems, songs, movies and lots of individuals were fascinated by. Women of today have different mindset than that of yesterday and that of tomorrow but while change is coming rapidly we may question if it is for the good. The rights we have conquered in the years are rights of equality but didn’t we lose the right of honor in some cases? While back in the years the quote was “ Dress to impress” nowadays the quote shifted to “ Dress less to impress”. When once love was a believe where people did not sin nowadays it is the playground of the devil. When once a commitment meant honour, nowadays we prefer to live a shameless life. When once a soul mate was meant to protect your heart and soul nowadays they are the ones to break it in to pieces. We enjoy music where women are called BITCHES and where cheating, playing and sexual use of the female gender is ought to be THE thing to do. While we endorse the fact that the female gender should be known by the skin they show we also object the fact that more hearts are broken that more players are born and that true love does not exist. The destination of love is lost and the only person to find its way is you. Navigate your heart to a place where it can find peace, shelter, faith and trust. Just what Rumi Quoted “ What you seek , is seeking you”. Your way of doing attracts what is worthy of you. So don’t get fooled by acting less, don’t get played by giving more.

By Sodaba Abibzay

3 thoughts on “Love – Inflation

  1. you’re indeed right. love isn’t perceived the same way it probably should be. but there are people who really just want innocent, pure form of love. and I guess you’re one of them. liked this. well written 🙂


  2. You don’t have to understand Life’s nature,
    then it becomes a grand affair.
    Let every day just of itself occur
    like a child walks away from every hurt
    and happens upon the gift of many flowers.
    To collect and the blossoms spare,
    that never enters the child’s mind.
    She gently unties them from her hair,
    where they were kept captive with such delight,
    and the hands of the loving, youthful years
    reach out to embrace the new. (Rainer Maria Rilke)


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