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Give with love…

Today its valentines day. I always saw this day as overrated and commercial. Why would people care for each other only one day a year? But today I will use this commercial day to ask your attention for an other kind of love. The love for our fellow humans. The love of care, the love of giving, the love of helping, the love of standing up for each other. I have been blessed with a life in peace and opportunities and still I fail to understand the gift that i have been given. I searched meaning in love for a person while meaning is only found in love for every aspect of life. Feeling unwanted and alone is a state of mind that is narrowed to the self, the ego and the I but we tend to forget that life is so much more than the I , the ego and the self.

While giving is narrowed to ” you cant give what you don’t have” , I tend to see it as we all have so much love and care already programmed inside of us by nature. The only thing that needs to happen is that you find that love within and tap out of it to give to the world. So many people around us need the love and care we all see as naturally that by giving we charge up their faith, believe and hope for life. Now you must think that i am writing about the romantic kind of love which I believe does exists and is really beautiful but in this case I am talking about the love you have for your fellow human beings. The love you have for people far from you, in situations that are not imaginable for you. The love you feel for humanity, equality and for peace.

This love goes beyond the ego, beyond the give and take, beyond the conditions. This love is given unconditionally. If you don’t get anything in return your heart feels no ache, no pain, no disgust no hate. This is the kind of love that never ends because it is given without conditions. It is the love we are given by our creator to share with each other. It is the love of humanity. While stating that I hope you look beyond the love that benefits only you as a person and also give more into the love that rises up beyond your ego. The love for Humanity!

Take this day to see if you can give with love to people in need, countries in war, people with trauma and despair and see how love grows within your soul!

By S.A.

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