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Before I start my article about racism I want to say that while examining this term I was shocked and surprised in what I found. I hope this article makes you think about this really heavy and loaded subject and also you find answers for yourself. I tried to shed light on racism in a way that we all get mirrored. See it as an attempt to show you racism from the perspective of an “uncivilized” [1]person.

Racism and all its definitions?
According to the Meriam Webster Dictionary the definition given to Racism is: ” a belief that race is a fundamental determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race”.

If we read this definition two questions come to mind: 1. who is called a racist? 2. And who is not a racist? The majority of people know who is called a racist but the definition is more extensive than we have known. Ibrahim X Kendi an author , professor and anti-racist activist explains all the questions in his book “How to be an anti-racist” ( you should buy it and read it for it expands your vision on things).

The definition of a racist is
: “Someone who supports a racist policy through their actions or Inactions of expressing an racist idea.” So we have racists and we have non-racists? His answer is loud and clear a NO. According to Ibrahim X Kendi does this not exists because you cant be neutral un this discussion. Neutrality is not a choice because by doing so you choose to be a racist. So how do we call the people who oppose racism? The definition of people opposite of racist is anti-racist. According to him these are the “people who are supporting an anti-racist policy through their actions or expressing an anti-racist, viewing racial groups as equal, but also pressing for policy changes that provides for more racial equity and equality in a society”

So if we read this we can come to the conclusion that by our inactions we can be called racists as well. If you decide to look away while you see something happening you are equally taking part in racism. If you decide to be selective in when to help, raise your voice or have an opinion you are being racist. I know many may find this a bit harsh and blown out of proportion but not calling out racism is also racism. With this in mind i want to jump on to the current events around the world.

Racism in a civilized world
While humanity grew , our knowledge grew, our ideas got more ground and we learned how to be civilized with one and other we assumed that we have overcome racism. We as intellectual western people knew how to praise equality of race, gender and sexual preferences. So when you know better, you do better. At least that is what we want to believe and what we want others to believe about us. What is actually happening ? As an Afghan, an Muslim, and a Woman I have experiences racism from a young age. While we are living in a country called ” Civilized” and “Developed” I have never felt more pity for the inhumane ways of thinking, acting and ignoring the wrongdoing against whoever that looks different, talks different, clothes different or thinks different. If harmony, connection and acceptance is the foundation of being civilized I must conclude that never ever have our western world been more uncivilized.

Syria and Afghanistan
Many may ask why I say what I say and how come I carry such a sentiment. I will elaborate this with a few examples that have taken place continuously from the time that I have been able to understand inequality and racism in the Western world. A while ago a war broke out in Syria and Afghanistan became more and more instable. People got displaced because of the war. They fled their country in order to seek safety for them selves and their children. These refugees were called : terrorists, uncivilized, barbaric, criminal, fortune seekers and much more! Beside the name calling they were not welcome. The European Union paid Erdogan an huge amount of money to keep these people out of Europe. So they live in inhumane circumstances in Turkey or are pushed back to their homeland. The Greeks made it their job to push safety boats with children and elderly people back in to the sea to drown to death. Approximately 2. 275 refugees died in 2018 in their attempt to reach Europe. They were denied access to ground and while staying on sea they lost their lives. Over these years these numbers have grown and more and more incidents came out that people died while it could have been prevented but European policies stood above humanity! The European sentiment changed politically and eventually won great ground on their anti-refugee agenda. People of color and other ethnicities were a threat to the western norms.

Ukraine War
The European sentiment changed politically and eventually won great ground on their anti-refugee agenda. People of color and other ethnicities were a threat to the western norms. The Netherlands introduced several extreme right political parties who all had the incredible great idea of being superior to all other races. They openly indicated the idea of being superior. They openly advocated for racism and the “civilized people of Holland” cheered with them or kept silent against it. The twofaced politics came to the light when an European country got torn up in war and needed refuge. The hearts that were of stone for mothers and children dying on their journey to safety from other continents , melted soft and started beating for Ukrainian Mothers who wanted to bring their children to safety. The country that had no space for foreigners opened their borders, houses and hearts to refugees who are just like them “civilized” unlike the “uncivilized” refugees from Afghanistan or Iraq. See the great statement made by this journalist that has no idea how racist he is just sounding right no

Racism sometimes is sealed in intellect

The Western Civilization that takes great pride in their freedom, humanity and equality fails to uphold all those assets because the Ukrainian War made them openly show how racist their values actually are. In all the layers of society people showed Favo-Racism. The mainstream media, the politics that agreed to welcome the Ukraine refugees without any delay, the common civilians who opened their homes for them. I open my LinkedIn and see all the love, support and # for Ukraine and I feel really happy that we do support each other, but then I face the reality that my own posts about Afghanistan, Islamophobia, Palestine etc. are not even liked by those same people who now show humanity. Is humanity shown based on color of skin, hair or eyes? Is calling out wrong only good when everyone agrees with you? Is doing the right thing only right when you do it for a white western somebody. If only saying that which is uphold by the majority is your way to show how human you are you forget that every time you choose to say nothing or do nothing in other cases you are being racist! So the next time you want to be politically correct know that you are wearing the racism tag along with your position, degree, status etc.

[1] The term used for Non – Europeans

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