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Helden van het leven

Helden in onze films en tekenfilms hebben buitengewone superkrachten. Ze kunnen het donker bestrijden en hebben altijd oog voor de medemens. Als je hedendaags om je heen kijkt verlies je hoop in het bestaan van helden en medemenselijkheid. De haat, nijd, de enorme afstand tussen bevolkingsgroepen en het extreme ongenoegen die eenieder met zich meedraagt… Continue reading Helden van het leven

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The Irony of Human Behavior

Let me be clear on one thing: “COVID-19 is terrible!” In this article I am not trying to play down the seriousness of this virus. I hope all of you are safe and for those suffering i hope you get well soon. For those who have lost a loved one because of this virus my… Continue reading The Irony of Human Behavior

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Non-Refoulement “exclusive membership”

Who are "THEY"? Syrian refugees, War Syria “European morals are in danger because of them. We don’t want anymore terrorist in our country. Why should we clean up their mess? They all are fortune seekers. They will destroy our country. They will rape our girls. They are a danger to our freedom. They are all… Continue reading Non-Refoulement “exclusive membership”

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The strong breeze of relations

   The kite of dreams can be given life by the strong breezing van of relations. The wind it blows will make your kite leave the ground, believe in its breeze will protect you from the fear of touching the ground. The power of its rounds will give you the courage that will keep you… Continue reading The strong breeze of relations

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Limitation is limitless motivation

 Limitation, the mother of Creativity,  If we ask any person on this planet about limitations, they will probably admit to have faced some. If we search for the meaning of limitation we will get the definition: ”some thing that limits a quality or achievement”. While reading this we begin to associate this word with the biggest… Continue reading Limitation is limitless motivation