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De Afghaanse Vrouw

Gelijkheid voor Afghaanse vrouwen is een essentiële stap in de richting van een rechtvaardige en inclusieve samenleving. Het is van groot belang dat vrouwen in Afghanistan dezelfde rechten hebben als mannen en dat ze de vrijheid hebben om hun eigen keuzes te maken, zonder angst voor discriminatie of geweld. Om dit te bereiken, moeten er… Continue reading De Afghaanse Vrouw

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“Non – Refoulement 2.0

The Saga Continues... Refugee synonyms6 years ago I wrote an article about the refugee " crisis" of Europe. My intention for that article was to shed light on the matter that we did not see in the media and within the political view. The war in Syria made millions of people flee and within a… Continue reading “Non – Refoulement 2.0

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Reminder: ” Dont Forget to Care Today!”

Even though we all have agenda’s, phones, reminders and secretaries we still fail to be reminded of those who need our help. We set an alarm to wake up early in the morning so that we can rush our self to our work, our company or our gym. But the time which is precious to… Continue reading Reminder: ” Dont Forget to Care Today!”

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The Afghan Domino- Game ( A game for men)

That gender differences exist is not a secret. They are of all times and all places. The female gender has been the underdog for centuries but despite this bad description still there were and are bright sides. The female gender fought for several rights and claimed positions as president, ceo, parlement members, police officers, doctor,… Continue reading The Afghan Domino- Game ( A game for men)