Afghanistan is in pain. Once again hunger and poverty is knocking on every door. For those left behind The Afghan Diaspora is trying to collect money to help them overcome the very hard and cold winter.

For those who were lucky enough to leave the country we have also set up programs. We hope that they soon become part of society and start studying and working so that they can help in this war against hunger , death and poverty for their own families and for other Afghans.

Follow our organization Stichting Abadi for more information about Afghan evacuées in the Netherlands and the projects that we started for them. The goal of the projects are to help them by trauma recovery, integration and education.

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To build a society in which we don’t discriminate, exclude or judge. We also pledge our time in to informing societies about refugees. We hope to create understanding and common grounds to facilitate successful integration.

What can you do?

You can help us by following and sharing our social media account Stichting Abadi on instagram, LinkedIn or by donating to support our projects or by signing up as a volunteer at our website: www.stichtingabadi.nl

Together we can rebuild 🇦🇫🙏🏼

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