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Limitation is limitless motivation

 Limitation, the mother of Creativity,

Buddha Limitations

 If we ask any person on this planet about limitations, they will probably admit to have faced some. If we search for the meaning of limitation we will get the definition: ”some thing that limits a quality or achievement”. While reading this we begin to associate this word with the biggest enemy life could create. A negative vibe of energy starts filling our sense and our brain. We start building huge barriers for this enemy. We get ready for a battle and try to arm ourselves with everything that could demolish this enemy. While we are busy fighting this big monster, life will keep on inviting it in to our lives. If there is a war there will also be wounded souls. Every war leaves behind a scar that will remind us of our defeat and of the pain and agony we have faced. Is a war against limitation always the smartest thing to do?

This question burned my eyes while I wrote it down. In every aspect of life I have been a fighter so not putting up a fight against the enemy of my dreams and hopes seemed like a failing step in to grieve and despair. Then again I recalculated my life and its events. I faced limitations like any other human being alive on this planet. How did I cope with that? Did I start a war? Did I seek shelter? Did I runaway? As I asked these questions my life began to play in front of my eyes just like a black and white movie. All the events that could be defined as limitation reflected in front of my eyes. I saw the wars I fought and I saw the results it brought me. I was so furious about all the limitations that I stopped living or looking further in live. By putting up a war against all the limitations I was actually putting my life on HOLD! For years I thought I had conquered something but in fact I just saw life passing me by while I was holding anger and sadness companion. Anger and sadness where the outcome of a fight I thought I had won. Each of them holding my hands were guiding me through life. The paths they chose to guide me through were dark and empty and soon I realized that walking this path would bring no destination at all. I was walking, running, searching but all I could find was darkness and emptiness. I was seeking, but I was seeking down the wrong path and with the wrong company.

So one day I let go of the hands that guided me towards the wrong path. My companions, anger and sadness, did not seem to understand that the hand holding on to them for years suddenly decided to let go. Still I let go and turned away. I was sick and tired of me being on hold. My movie was on hold I was hungry to see the rest. While walking away the dark road I found peace in acceptance. Acceptance of everything that has been the way it has been. Acceptance of every action and deed, of every failure and despair, acceptance of others and myself, acceptance of life as it has been. While accepting everything I found peace in accepting me. Accepting me with all my limitations made me search for other paths to conquer those limitations. While anger and sadness where not helpful I this time joined hands with creativity. Every limitation was no longer a barrier but a challenge to create a creative formula in overcoming it. Thanks to limitations I was able to create ways in climbing towards my hopes and dreams. Creativity made me realize that what I was fighting against was actually a stair towards success. Every time I climbed a stair I noticed that my worldview started to enlarge, my self-esteem began to grow, my vision became diverse, my personality started to rise and my hopes and dreams were not far from realisation. Limitations end an incomplete journey but it also stimulates you in finding ways that can make you excellence as a human being.

Limitless living is accepting limitations -Amy Purdy -Tedtalks

So embrace your limitation and define it as “ something that will encourage you’re creativity to overcome fear, anger and sadness in a journey towards the destination of hopes and dreams.” Limitations give birth to creativity and because of that we should welcome it with open arms instead of fighting it with arms.

Sodaba Abibzay

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