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The Irony of Human Behavior

Let me be clear on one thing: “COVID-19 is terrible!” In this article I am not trying to play down the seriousness of this virus. I hope all of you are safe and for those suffering i hope you get well soon. For those who have lost a loved one because of this virus my condolences. What this article is trying to do is to make a comparison in human behavior and the far from my bed- syndrome. It’s a small attempt of  a common human being to create awareness. 

As most of you know I am a refugee, I fled my country in time of war and despair to seek shelter, safety and acceptance in a country that could provide that in that time. I am thankful for the shelter and safety that is given to me and my family but the downside is that acceptance isn’t that easy to get and find. Why not, Is my question? Why is it so difficult to accept? The answer to that difficult question was cleared up to me when this virus struck the whole world. You must be wondering how so?  Let me explain. Acceptance is hard when we focus on the differences. That is what we have done until now. We have focused on the differences of color, name, religion, sexual preferences but what we have forgotten is that we all have one similarity and that is:” humanity “.

When we talk about human and human behavior we find so many similarities that it is hard to focus on differences.  To come back on the part: “ how did the covid19 make me realize this?”. I would like to illustrate to you human behavior when we feel fear or loss  of control. If you find the similarities then I hope you find it in your heart to be kind to people who have lost everything and sometimes everyone just to be safe in your country.

Took lives of innocent. It changed the human behavior. People became socially isolated, frustrated, disrespectful and greedy because Corona - patientof the fear and despairthat this virus brought with. They did everything possible to provide for their families even if that meant fighting with an elderly lady over toilet paper and over your daughter’s favorite chips. We took our children out of school and start working at home. We told grandpa and grandma that we could not visit for some time because they are a high risk profile.  We left our business and felt that in our wallet, but we all knew one thing: “everything for the safety of our loved ones and ourselves”.

Took millions of innocent lives. It changed the human behavior of the Syrians, People War - Patientdied or became wounded because of the bombs, beheadings, and daily terror. They tried everything to provide for their family not only food and shelter but also safety. And if that meant leaving their house , cars, carrier, friends, family members, graves of loved ones, jobs, material stuff to flee over dangerous roads and seas just to provide for their loved ones to be alive then so be it! Cause even they knew one thing: “everything for the safety of their loved ones and their selves”.

So when human behavior is not strange to us because we are all one then why do we close our hearts and minds for the suffering of people who are far away from us? Why don’t we understand that a refugee, who crosses oceans with their family even when none of them can swim, is not in search of fortune but merely in search of the hope of humanity. In that hope they knock on the doors they believe have the most of it and are left behind to die in the cold and inhuman camps of Turkey or Greece. Feeling unwanted and not worthy of life. While COVID19 brings solidarity because it can effect all of us “one world”. Why cant we feel the same solidarity for our fellow humans far from our country burning in the fire of politics and bombs of greed?

If there is one thing that we all must understand it is: “We all can be the victim of unforeseeable circumstances. So never ever let your privilege stand in the way of your humanity!”

By  Sodaba Abibzay


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